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The skin is a complex and dynamic organic system that connects the organism with the outside world.

It is one of the largest organs in the body and performs very important functions:

• It is a barrier that protects us from the aggression of external agents
• Prevents fluid loss
• Participates in the thermoregulation mechanism
• It has metabolic properties
• It has a very important sensory function

The structure of the skin is composed of three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis or subcutis. There is a close interdependence between the skin and the internal balance of our body, in fact the skin is often a mirror of alterations at an organic level.
The skin is a very important excretory organ: this means that it has the function of eliminating catabolic and waste products from inside the organism. In particular, the skin expels what the body is unable to eliminate through the liver or intestine: this function manifests itself through simple alterations to its normal state or actual pathologies, even chronic ones.
Emotions and stress also alter the complex balance of the skin: the skin is in fact part of a very extensive psycho-neuro-immune organ, rich in nerve fibers that reach deep into the dermis and from here connect, through the medulla, to the brain.

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