Dermatite Atopica: il bagnetto, che piacere!

Atopic Dermatitis: bathing, what a pleasure!

The rules for an anti-atopic dermatitis bath that is pleasant, relaxing and healing? A mother explains them to her child. And then, straight into the tub!

Today I ran a lot and I'm all sweaty, I played hide and seek with my friends and I colored and got all dirty. Mommy, will you give me a bath?

Of course my love, I'll prepare it the way you like it and above all how it's good for your skin affected by atopic dermatitis. After dissolving some of the magic salts, I touch the water with my finger before immersing everything in it because, if the temperature is too hot, then maybe you get a terrible itch, your skin becomes red and you start to scratch more I cannot. Then we have to be very quick; you have to wash yourself thoroughly from head to toe in ten minutes, beyond this time your skin risks drying out excessively and the effects are always very itchy! So, ok, bring your favorite toys into the tub but be quick. Rather, let's finish early and you play outside while I prepare your food. All right?

Ok, but last time after bathing I felt like scratching all over!

This time it won't happen: I bought some new products perfect for your atopic skin. They do not contain irritating agents, they are not too foamy and above all they are free of substances with strange names: parabens, but also with special acronyms such as SLS, SLES, PEG, PPG; of perfumes, dyes, alcohol, petroleum and formaldehyde derivatives and also silicone oils. They are also tested for nickel, a metal found in so many things, everyday metal objects, fibers, and even foods, which can harm your skin. I will sprinkle the cleanser on you very delicately, without rubbing your skin so as not to irritate it and, when you come out of the water, I will immediately wrap you in a soft towel, made of natural fabric. Did you see the new superhero towel I got you? Beautiful, is not it? Here, I'll dab you thoroughly with that, avoiding leaving your skin damp, especially between the folds of your legs or arms. Because if traces of moisture remain, they can feed the lesions again and trigger itching.

And what else shouldn't we forget?

The cream! After bathing and drying, while your skin is still fresh and a little damp, with dilated pores, we apply a nice layer of hydrating, emollient and soothing cream which rebalances it with all the energy it may have lost, restoring tone and elasticity. Especially alleviating his redness. I know it's a bit of a hassle for you, but we have to do it to make you feel better. While I'm rubbing you, I'll give you a nice massage, you'll like it.

I'm ready. Let's open the tap!

I'm happy, you'll see how well you'll feel after this beneficial and pleasant routine! We will do it two or three times a week, even when you don't feel itchy, because your skin remains fragile and delicate, so we will prolong the period of well-being between one flare-up and another of atopic dermatitis as much as possible. And now, throw yourself into the water, you're all dirty!

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