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AllerZero 100% Cotton Anti-Mite Pillow Cover - Certified

AllerZero 100% Cotton Anti-Mite Pillow Cover - Certified

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  • Anti-mite guaranteed* for 20 years
  • Made with 100% natural fibers
  • Breathable
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The AllerZero pillow cover is your natural bulwark against mites, made of 100% pure cotton for a safe and comfortable rest.

Its dense weave creates an effective barrier against mites, without the use of chemicals . This technology ensures that your sleep is protected, while maintaining the freshness and softness of cotton.

The breathable design of AllerZero guarantees comfort and hygiene , preserving its anti-mite qualities wash after wash . Thanks to a porosity of less than 5µm, it prevents the passage of mites and their allergenic secretions, offering long-lasting protection, tested even after over 100 washes .

Easy to use with a handy zipper , it fits snugly over your pillow, providing full coverage as recommended by the American Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Made with artisan care, it is designed to offer maximum effectiveness and durability .

The AllerZero anti-mite pillow cover is a Class I - CE medical device registered with the Ministry of Health in compliance with the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC, therefore tax deductible .

Guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 brand, which certifies the absence of harmful substances and the suitability of the product for contact with children's skin .

*Accidental damage caused by incorrect use is excluded from the guarantee.


Place the anti-mite pillow cover directlyabove the pillow and under the pillowcasefor an effective barrier against mites.

We recommend amachine washevery 6-8 weeks at a maximum temperature of60°Cto maintain its protective properties.

You can dry it indryer, ensuring practicality and hygiene.

For aoptimal cleaning, we suggest youpass a cloth, preferably in microfibre, damp on the pillow cover every time you change sheets.

The cloth should be moistened with water, wrung out well and then passed over the fabric.



Its structure allows the free passage of air and humidity, ensuring a comfortable and fresh rest.


The most advanced tests have classified it among thebest in the industryfor its efficiency. Thanks to the advanced mechanical effectiveness,not necessaryof any addition of agentschemists.


Made insoft cotton, guarantees anti-mite effectiveness even afterwardsmany washes.


Product100% Italianfrom the yarn to the weaving, packaged with artisanal care in our laboratory in Verona.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marino Augusto Marzano

Completamente soddisfatto


Ho acquistato questo tessuto barriera antiacaro per il mio letto e devo dire che mi ha sorpreso positivamente. È incredibilmente morbido e confortevole, e ha ridotto significativamente i miei sintomi allergici. Consigliatissimo!


Questo tessuto ha portato comfort e sonni tranquilli nella mia vita. Non potrei essere più soddisfatta del mio acquisto.


Sono rimasto colpito dall'efficacia di questo tessuto antiacaro. È morbido al tatto e non disturba il sonno, mentre ha contribuito notevolmente a ridurre i miei sintomi allergici. Lo consiglio vivamente a chiunque soffra di allergie!

Ottimo prodotto

Dopo aver provato diverse soluzioni per combattere gli acari, ho finalmente trovato il tessuto barriera perfetto! È comodo e ha drasticamente ridotto la mia congestione nasale e gli starnuti. Non potrei essere più soddisfatta!