Buona notte, anche con la Dermatite Atopica

Good night, even with Atopic Dermatitis

How to make it easier for children suffering from atopic dermatitis and therefore itching to go to bed? A mother explains it to her child.

Mom, I just can't stand spending my sleepless nights anymore because of my red spots. Maybe they're fine during the day and then they wake up and start itching in the evening when I'm ready to go to bed. So they make me sleep badly and, when I think I'm about to fall asleep, even after the story you tell me, they invite me to scratch them. And I can't resist the temptation. Because if I scratch them, first I feel good, but immediately afterwards they burn, become red and I'm stung all over again. Far from peaceful sleep, it's nightmarish sleep! So I wake up agitated in the morning, already irritated, still wanting to scratch, tired, capricious. And I make you feel bad and worried too, so we both have a bad day. Mom what can we do?

My little one, I'll take care of your capricious skin. Meanwhile, before going to bed, we give her a special, hydrating and regenerating treatment. And you will see that you will feel better immediately. First I'll prepare you a warm bath with bath salts which relaxes you and helps you rest. We cleanse it delicately with products that protect it, which take away the bad agents that can irritate it and which hydrate it well. You know, often polluted air or sweat if you've run a little too much can cause them to lose water, making them drier. But we are smart and give her the necessary nourishment every evening and morning. And then we take care, when you get out of the water, to dry yourself well, dabbing your little body, slowly so as not to leave traces of water and humidity, using a soft towel made of delicate fiber such as cotton, the contact of which you enjoy so much. .

But will you also put cream on me?

Of course, I massage you with my fingertips, lightly, after having washed my hands carefully and having held the cream on my palms and warmed it up a little. It is a cream rich in emollients and without agents that can irritate you. It absorbs easily, you'll see that it won't bother you at all. I will spread it from head to toe, especially where you feel the most itching, such as in the creases of your legs or arms, on your ears or wherever you indicate to me. I spread it well, like a thin veil, and let it penetrate deeply, so all the tissues will immediately feel better, fresh and hydrated. We apply the cream a couple of minutes after the bath, when the skin is just damp and the pores are still dilated, so we get the best effect. You will see that that annoying itch will be less intense and you will be able to sleep more peacefully.

Can you tell me how you massage me, which I like so much?

I start from the legs and slowly move upwards, starting from the ankle up to the thighs, without leaving out any flap of skin either front or back. Then it will be the turn of the arms: first the wrists and then up to the armpits, and finally the hands and feet, massaging all the fingers, including the palms and soles. Finally, the bust: I spread the cream with my hands wide open, light and relaxed, with concentric movements starting from the abdomen and reaching up to the neck and face. And here we are done, you're all creamed up. Ready for jammies!

And which pajamas do you choose?

What you want. As long as it's natural, all cotton. It must not contain any synthetic fibers, which are bad for you, and then be comfortable without rubbing your skin or constricting your body.

But won't I be hot, dressed like this? You know I'm in pain and I feel like discovering myself.

Don't worry, puppy. The pajamas are light as a feather. The cover is also light. And then today, during the cooler hours, I aired your bedroom well. This way it was kept at the right temperature and germs and dust that could be harmful to your skin also went out the window. If during the night you find yourself patient, I won't get angry: I know that in the heat the itching increases.

Won't you give me a bottle before going to bed?

Not that at all. You know you can't drink it before going to sleep. There are foods that are best not consumed in the evening. Do you remember it? They are eggs, fish, dried fruit and even milk.

So how can I stay calm and fall asleep?

I'll prepare you a nice bottle of chamomile. You're happy?
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